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The same reason why garlic relieves a sore throat is the same reason someone with lupus should avoid eating the stuff. Allicin, ajoene, and thiosulfinates, the substances in this spice that are associated with boosting immunity (by improving your white blood cell count) and helping you fight off a cold, can work detrimentally in the system of someone who already has an overactive immune system. 

Although a tiny amount of the herb is unlikely to harm you, experts recommend making a mental note not to use garlic in your cooking if you have lupus or autoimmune diseases with a pre-lupus stage. You could experience an exacerbation of your flares, such as fatigue and muscle and joint pain, if you consume the stuff. 

Alfalfa and alfalfa sprouts are another herb you should avoid if you have this medical condition. They work somewhat similarly to the way garlic works by stimulating your immune system. Lupus aside, there might be other instances when you may want to leave those bulbs of garlic in the fridge and not include them in your dishes (and no, we’re not referring to garlic breath). 


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