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Despite its mild and subtly sweet flavor, eggplant can take on unexpected textures and tastes depending on how you make it. You can bake, grill, roast, or sauté it into your favorite dishes. It’s also great as a side, especially when stuffed with other healthy ingredients like couscous, lentils, beans, cheese, nuts, meat, or other veggies, or it can be made into an entire dish by itself when made as a casserole. 

“Eggplant is much more versatile than many people realize … When roasted or broiled with plenty of olive oil, eggplant gets a tender and buttery texture I just love,” shared registered dietician and certified intuitive eating counselor Rachael Hartley (via SELF). 

If you’re thinking about consuming it as a main meal, however, throw in some protein, healthy fibers, healthy fats, and carbs to round out your dish. Avoid stuffing eggplants with deli meats, fatty meats, or any other source of saturated or trans fat, if you want to keep your cholesterol levels in check. 

Fans of Southeast Asian food might enjoy a brinjal curry that goes well with almost any rice-based dish. You’ll need cardamom, cloves, chili, pepper, salt, coriander, cumin, ginger, garlic, and mustard seeds along with the eggplant (sliced and roasted), tomato paste, curry leaves, coconut milk, and olive oil. After tossing the spices in a little bit of olive oil, throw in the eggplant, along with the salt, pepper, and chili, and simmer for a little, before adding the milk.

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