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When it comes to migraines, your sleep schedule and how you sleep can be more important than ever. “Anything that gets you out of your normal routine can cause a headache, because the ‘migraine brain’ likes to be as steady and stable as possible,” explained Dr. Katherine Hamilton, a neurologist and headache specialist at MedStar Health in Washington (per Everyday Health). This involves maintaining good sleep hygiene and building healthy habits around your sleep schedule.  

Restricting blood flow to your head or twisting your spine and neck into uncomfortable positions at night can all contribute toward waking up with a stress headache or making an existing headache worse. And it’s not just your head that’s going to feel awful. Your neck, shoulders, and arms can feel stiff, too. 

Curling up in a fetal position might feel comforting, but it can make matters worse. By pushing your shoulders forward and crouching your neck around your legs, you’re putting stress on your neck and arms. Are you a fan of placing your arm over your head when you go to sleep at night? This can cut off the circulation of blood, contributing to a headache. Your bedding, particularly your pillow, also plays a part, according to Dr. Mariam Adegoke (via Marie Claire). “Pillows minimise any stresses or pressure on your neck that lead to compromise of pain-sensitive structures, which in turn cause waking symptoms such as neck pain and stiffness, headaches, shoulder or arm pain.”


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