We Tried The Viral TikTok Sleepy Girl Mocktail And This Is How It Affected Our Sleep - Health Digest


After drinking the Sleepy Girl Mocktail, we waited for about half an hour to feel any effects. The first night, we didn’t feel any different. Because it was a weekend night, our sleep tracker said we slept for 9 hours and got a little more than 6 hours of restful sleep. Our overall sleep score was much higher than the average score for January.

We tried the mocktail the next night, but this time we made sure the magnesium dissolved a little better than the night before. Although we didn’t feel tired, we definitely felt calmer. We also got a higher sleep score than the previous night and 40 more minutes of restful sleep, even though we got the same 9 hours of sleep as the previous night.

Looking deeper into our sleep metrics, we noticed that just 6% of our sleep was considered to be deep sleep. In the month of January, we averaged 9% of our nights in deep sleep. The Sleep Foundation says about 20% of sleep is in the deep sleep stage, and this stage is important for your immune system, cognition, and memory.

In sum, the Sleepy Girl Mocktail probably improved our sleep score because we slept longer, but we didn’t get more deep sleep as a result. Just for kicks, we tried drinking just the tart cherry juice mid-morning, and it wasn’t until we drank the magnesium hours later that we felt calmer.


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