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Some patients have shared their stories publicly, giving us a better idea of what it may feel like to be in a coma. “Being in a coma is like a magnified and intense version of our own dreams,” Claire Wineland shared in a YouTube video first posted in 2015. In the video, she recalled her experience of being in a medically induced coma for 14 days while receiving treatment for an infection she developed while undergoing a routine procedure for cystic fibrosis. Wineland recalls being able to hear what was going on around her but felt as if it was being received through some kind of filter. Another patient, Jardine Howlett, expressed a similar dream-like experience while also in a medically induced coma (via HuffPost). 

In an interview with ABC News, neurologist Dr. Michael DeGeorgia explained that while this experience has been noted in cases of medically induced coma, it is not the same as a brain injury-related coma.


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