Tell-Tale Signs A Person Is In Pain At The End Of Life - Health Digest


In some cases, a dying person may be able to vocalize that they’re experiencing pain. If not, take note of their body language. If the person grimaces, moans, stiffens, tightens their fists, or clenches their teeth — particularly if this occurs while you’re attempting to shift or reposition them — then these are indications the person may be in pain, according to experts at the Hospice Foundation of America. Additional non-verbal signs may include frowning, fidgeting, deep breathing, crying, sighing, or a facial expression that communicates fear, per Hospice Red River Valley.

In addition to (or instead of) physical pain, a person may also be in mental or emotional pain towards the end of their life. Such pain may present in the form of nightmares, nervous laughter, irritability, crying episodes, anger, boredom, anxiety, or more. For verbal patients, these kinds of emotions may be indirectly expressed with statements like “nobody cares” or other sentiments of doubt, cynicism, apathy, or distrust, amongst other feelings.


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