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YouTube is full of ideas on how to make your steam showers more exquisite like adding eucalyptus oil to the walls of the shower cubicle and even investing in a brand-new steam shower kit. But I chose to do it the old-fashioned way — draw the shower curtains tight around the tub, seal up the added space above with a large towel or two, and turn the hot water on — full blast — for about 20-30 minutes. For added steam in the bathroom, I turned on the sink tap too. Then I closed the bathroom door and waited. 

After about 20 minutes, the bathroom seemed to have filled with enough steam to fog the mirrors and coat all the beauty products in a film of warmth, so I decided to step into the tub. This part was a bit tricky with the obvious worry of the streaming hot water hitting my skin and ruining the experience. After carefully maneuvering my fingers toward the tap and switching off the water, I stood there in a cloud of comforting steam. 

The instant sense of relaxation is what hit me first. There’s something about warm water vapor that seems to melt your troubles away. Breathing in the steam felt good on my airways. My throat tickled a bit the more I breathed in but eventually, the sensation died down. After basking in the haze for about 10 minutes, I moved on to have a regular warm water shower.  


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