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Washington is not only ranked second in terms of life expectancy for its total population (79.2 years) but also for its male population’s life expectancy (76.9 years). Female life expectancy for this state is ranked at number three by the CDC, with Washington’s female population expected to reach 81.6 years old.

An interactive map on gives specific details about seniors in the different states and how many of them have had certain health conditions. For example, most seniors in Washington have never had COPD (88.65%), a heart attack (88.59%), heart disease (88.22%), asthma (87.73%), skin cancer (83.07%), depression (82.72%), or cancer (81.75%). lists the CDC as the source for the map, which was part of an article that, at the time of publication, was updated on October 2, 2023.

Additionally, Forbes also ranked the 50 states in an article that was updated January 8, 2024. The ranking involved 21 different metrics in terms of the different states’ populations to determine which ones had the most and least healthy populations. According to Forbes, Washington tied with Connecticut and Hawaii as having the “sixth lowest percentage of adults who smoke.”


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