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While there is no one method of self-care that will be successful for everyone, Kotlarski tells us which strategies she finds to be most helpful for her and in her line of work. Her first tip is to actively make time for self-care. “Schedule self-care time on your calendar. I have blocks of ‘me time’ on my very busy calendar throughout my week,” she states. “Sometimes I go to the gym, sometimes I meditate or write in my journal, sometimes I call a friend, take a nap, or catch a sunset,” Kotlarski suggests. “It varies depending on my mood and what I need, the key is that the time is carved out for me.”

Kotlarski’s next tip is to practice saying “no.” “Sometimes the only way to create any space in your life for self-care is by saying no to others. Each time you say no — you are saying yes to yourself,” she says encouragingly. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, she reminds us that doing so ultimately serves our health for the better. “If your automatic response is to say yes to everything, you can start by saying ‘let me think on it and get back to you,’ or ‘I’ll check my schedule and get back to you,'” Kotlarksi suggests. “Buy yourself some time to be intentional with your decision and consider how this serves your highest good.”


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