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Now that you know all of the different ways in which your gut health and intimacy are connected, how do you go about fixing any problems in your sex life that you think might be related to your gut health? Experts caution that the gut microbiome and how it affects your health, and low sex drive and what could be causing it are both very complicated areas of study, so it’s best not to jump to conclusions that your problems in the bedroom are definitely related to what’s happening in your gut. Your lifestyle, underlying health conditions, and even your relationship quality could be to blame when it comes to problems in the bedroom.

That being said, if you’re experiencing other symptoms like brain fog, pain in your joints, diarrhea, constipation, mood changes, fatigue, bad sleep quality, cravings, and fluctuations in weight, you may want to see a gastroenterologist, explained the physician, scientist, and author Dr. William W. Li (via Healthline). “A gastroenterologist will be able to recommend an endoscopy, colonoscopy, or a scan of your abdomen to find out what’s up. They also may be able to check your microbiome for abnormalities by sending a stool sample for testing,” explained the doctor. 

You could also work with a dietician to find natural ways to boost your sex drive — like consuming plenty of gut-friendly fiber, reducing highly processed foods, and managing your stress levels. Again, though, if underlying chronic conditions like IBD are involved, it is important to work with your specialist and dietitian before making any drastic changes to your diet.  


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