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People with Graves’ disease have an overactive thyroid, which means the thyroid gland makes too much of the thyroid hormone. This results in weight loss, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, or heat intolerance. Graves’ disease can also make your eyes more sensitive to light or affect your vision. People with this autoimmune disorder might also develop reddish or thick skin.

A single sheet of nori, which is the seaweed used to make sushi rolls, provides 70% of your daily iodine needs. Just a few sushi rolls can give you more than what you need to help your thyroid. However, people with Graves’ disease should avoid foods rich in iodine because it exacerbates their hyperthyroidism. Seafoods such as cod and oysters are also rich in iodine. Other foods rich in iodine include nonfat milk, Greek yogurt, and eggs. Table salt is often enriched with sodium iodide because the body cannot make this mineral, so people with Graves’ disease should choose salt that is free from iodide.


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