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According to Unilever senior scientist Diane Minar, your hair color has a connection to how many strands you have on your head at any given time (via SELF). Although those with blond hair have a higher concentration of hair — 450,000 strands on average — when compared with their darker-haired counterparts with an average of 60,000 strands, they also shed a lot more. Higher density of hair means finer strands too.

“On average, seven percent of the scalp hair is shedding, so per day, naturally blonde women can experience higher numbers of natural shedding from the root when compared to other hair types,” explained Minar. 

Additionally, blond hair is also more susceptible to sun damage (owing to its low melanin content). Being in the sun for long periods of time can lead to dry and brittle locks that develop split ends in general, but the concern is particularly pronounced with tresses of a lighter shade. Unfortunately, the health concerns don’t stop with what’s on your head. Apparently, blond hair can also tell you something about your eye health. 


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