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Research has shown that erectile dysfunction and heart problems appear to be closely intertwined. According to a 2021 scientific review published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, men with ED are reportedly 59% more susceptible to ischemic heart disease and 34% more prone to stroke. Similarly, SingleCare reports that men with ED experience double the number of heart attacks and strokes compared to people who are not affected by the condition. The opposite relationship also appears to exist, with the presence of cardiovascular risk factors shown to boost the chances of erectile dysfunction.

So what might happen if men delay or completely opt out of treatment? Cases of heart disease may be left undetected and progressively worsen. The same can happen if men go about seeking ED treatment drugs from unregulated sources, according to researchers from a 2010 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Out of more than 11,800 European men, three out of 10 men reported getting ED medication off the internet. Taking such medications may not only be dangerous, but the researchers also emphasized that these men don’t get access to a healthcare professional who could potentially diagnose cases of underlying heart disease related to their ED symptoms.


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