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Your lymph nodes play a key role in your immune system, attacking germs and infections to get your body back to health. When you’re sick, you might notice the swelling of the lymph nodes in your neck as the lymphocytes do their work. Your body’s lymphatic system is similar to your blood vessels, only the lymphatic system carries lymph fluid.

When prostate cancer spreads to your lymph nodes, your lymphatic system can become blocked and this fluid can become trapped in places like your legs. This is called lymphedema, and it’s not unique to prostate cancer. Sometimes prostate cancer treatments can cause lymphedema. This swelling can be painful and make your legs feel heavy. You might also notice that the skin at the area of swelling feels tight, and it might be difficult to move that part of the body. With prostate cancer, you might also feel this swelling in your penis or scrotum.


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