Is TikTok's Viral Death March Exercise More Effective Than Lunges? - Health Digest


If you already know how to do a single-leg RDL, you’re already part of the way to the RDL Death March. People who are new to the RDL Death March should choose a lighter weight or no weight until they get the proper technique down. The movement should also be slow and controlled to avoid injury (via Lyfta).

Begin standing with two dumbbells (or no weight) at your side. Take a step forward like you’re doing a lunge, but not as long of a step. With the front leg slightly bent and holding about 70% of your weight, hinge from your hips with your back neutral. Lean as far forward as possible until you feel a slight stretch in your hamstrings. Your core should be working to stabilize your spine, and your back leg serves as a kickstand for your balance. Then, press your foot into the floor as you use your glutes and hamstrings to hinge your torso back up. Step the back leg forward and repeat.


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