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According to a genetics PhD student and science influencer Alex Dainis, the reason why you can’t feel pain in the weenus (scientific term: olecranal skin) is that your pain receptors aren’t distributed the same way everywhere on your skin. 

“Your pain receptors aren’t distributed evenly throughout your skin. Some areas, like your fingertips and face, have more than others. This makes them more sensitive. On the other hand, some areas have more subcutaneous fat or padding which makes them less sensitive [like the loose skin on your elbow]. Our elbows don’t need to feel that much and the skin there is pretty tough. So you can pinch it and not feel much of anything,” Dainis explained. 

But while you might be able to pinch away at the groove of skin on your elbow and not feel any discomfort, the same cannot be said for knocking your elbow against the side of a couch (Ouch!). You’re most definitely going to feel that. “If you bump your elbow, then you might just compress the ulnar nerve and that you can definitely feel,” added Dainis. 


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