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It might sound counterintuitive — to ask someone to let their mind wander so that they can focus better — but this is exactly what daydreaming can do for you, according to neuroscience and positive psychology professional and professor Brynn Winegard. Think about that time when your mind drifted from a tedious task you were focused on and started dreaming about a vacation you could take to Greece possibly next year. Even if it was for a few seconds, did that little escape make you feel rejuvenated? More alive? Winegard calls this “un-focusing in order to focus.” 

“Daydreaming actually helps you un-focus — float off in the ether — so that when you get back to the work that you were doing, you’re actually that much more focused. You actually have much more clarity in terms of your thoughts,” explained the professor. This might explain why your best ideas for a sales pitch arrive when you’re sitting on the toilet daydreaming. 

Positive daydreaming can also help you (indirectly) accomplish your goals, shared licensed marriage and family therapist April Mayorga (via Well+Good). “If you engage in positive daydreaming, you won’t automatically achieve your goals. But we all know that with positive moods, we’re able to think more clearly, concentrate, and then maybe achieve certain goals or tasks,” explained Mayorga. When you go to sleep at night, there are things your dreams can tell you about your health. When you’re awake and daydreaming, you’re giving your mind some much-needed stimulation. 


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