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Nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, and physiotherapist, Archana Batra told Indian Express that juices are packed full of nutritional value — antioxidants that help with inflammation are one. They can also offer some relief when it comes to constipation and urinary tract infections, she added. Plus, the beauty of juices is that you can combine several different fruits (or vegetables) together and gain from the nutrient profile of each in one tall glass. For most people, it’s an easy and efficient way to get some of their nutrients for the day when leading a busy lifestyle. 

But when and how you drink juices matter, according to Batra. Limiting juice intake to the morning or early afternoon hours is a good idea, because that is when you might benefit from a boost in energy, offered the nutritionist. Since an empty stomach isn’t the best idea, perhaps you can have your glass of juice after breakfast.

Be mindful, however, that consuming your fruits and vegetables in juice form might not offer the same benefits as having them whole. In addition to risking consuming too much sugar (and therefore calories) in one go, you’re also compromising the fiber intake offered in whole fruits and vegetables when you juice them to a pulp, per Harvard Health. “Fruit juice also has less fiber and more calories and sugar than whole fruit,” explained Batra. 


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