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The feeling of passing a large stool can be so great that for some people, it can become addictive, added gastroenterologist from Princeton, Dr. Anish Sheth (via Mirror U.K.). “To some it may feel like a religious experience, to others, like an orgasm, and to a lucky few, like both,” added the author in his book. 

Speaking of orgasms, the general feel-good effect of this kind of pooping might be one of the reasons men spend longer time in the bathroom than women, added NHS surgeon, Dr. Karan Raj (via LAD Bible). Even for women, the vagus nerve has been linked with penetrative sex and resulting orgasm. 

Does this mean everyone should be aiming to have more chill-inducing poo-phorias with their morning bathroom breaks? Not necessarily. Dr. Sheth warned people of something else that might happen with passing a large mass of stool — defecation syncope. Overstimulation of the vagus nerve and the corresponding lightheadedness that comes from your blood pressure and heart rate reducing can even cause someone to lose consciousness temporarily, per Outside.


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