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Dr. Hiser says some therapists will base their rates on your income to help reduce costs. “Another thing people can look for is calling training clinics at university clinical or counseling psychology programs to see if they offer therapy to the public,” Dr. Hiser said. “This would entail having a doctoral graduate student therapist who is supervised by a licensed therapist. This option can be substantially less expensive.”

Some people in rural communities might find it difficult to access mental health care without traveling long distances. NAMI says people in rural areas often have to travel twice as far as people in suburban and urban communities. However, Dr. Hiser notes that a therapist can be just a phone or Zoom call away. “If you are in a rural area, lots of therapists are now doing telehealth visits (for example, on a secure form of Zoom) which can be used by anyone within the state of the provider,” he said.

Dr. Hiser also points to some resources that may provide aid to specific communities. The Loveland Foundation focuses on supporting Black women and girls and offers a therapy fund to help pay for mental health services. Inclusive Therapists serves BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities by allowing you to search for a therapist based on cultural knowledge, mental health focus, insurance, language, and location.


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