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Endurance athletes are well familiar with muscle cramps, particularly at the end of hot races. That’s because muscle cramps can occur if you’re dehydrated from sweating out sodium and other electrolytes such as magnesium and potassium. You could also get muscle cramps if you’re overexerting yourself. While you can get cramps on your hand, arm, or bottom of your foot, most muscle cramps occur in your calf, hamstrings, or quadriceps.

If you’re experiencing muscle cramps during a workout or race, it might not make sense for you to scarf down an avocado. High-fat and high-fiber foods like avocados won’t sit well with your digestive system during a workout. For the same reason, eating avocados before your workout isn’t recommended to prevent cramps. Instead, you’ll want to eat avocado either as your recovery meal or later in the day so your body can restore your fluid balance. If you eat avocado before you sleep, Caroline L. Young, RD, told Saatva, its potassium and magnesium will also improve your sleep.


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