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“Tuck your elbows to your side, make your trunk (torso) nice and stationary, bend your knees, and [go] nice and easy,” says Dr. Ian Smith, author of “The Met Flex Diet: Burn Better Fuel, Burn More Fat.” 

Focusing on the correct posture helps you isolate the muscles you want and get the contraction you want, added the celebrity. When you pick a heavier weight than you can handle, you end up using different muscles to complete the exercise, which defeats the purpose of the bicep curl. You might use your shoulders, hips, and lower back (while swaying back and forth to accommodate the movement of the exercise), when what you should be using are the front muscles of your arms. Whether you’re sculpting and strengthening those muscles for visual effect or practical reasons, like being able to lift something heavy off the floor, it’s important to do the exercise the right way. 

Choose a weight you can handle and repeat the exercise 10 to 12 times, according to the physician. Other things to keep in mind include not swaying your hips from side to side and only moving your forearms while performing a bicep curl. If it helps, back up against a wall or sit on a bench to avoid exercising the wrong muscles or putting strain on your back. Speaking of back strain, when is back pain a problem after exercise? 


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