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A 2022 article in Nutrients looked at the relationship between how often people used culinary herbs and the composition of their gut bacteria. People who used herbs rich in polyphenols or with antibacterial properties had higher levels of Firmicutes and lower levels of Proteobacteria in the gut. Using multiple herbs frequently (more than three times a week) was associated with more Firmicutes and less Proteobacteria, even after considering dietary habits. Cinnamon was one of the top herbs that were rich in polyphenols and antibiotic properties.

Cinnamon extract might help relieve diarrhea, according to a 2023 study in Food & Function. Researchers created cinnamon water extract capsules made from Cinnamomum cassia branches. For eight weeks, one group with diarrhea took the cinnamon capsules while another group with diarrhea took a placebo. The group taking the cinnamon capsules had slower digestion (colonic transit time), and they also had higher levels of isobutyric acid in their system, which is good for the gut microbiome. Researchers also found that the cinnamon group had more diverse gut bacteria and an abundance of bacteria linked to better digestion and gut health.


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