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Before trying the fruit hack to remove the object, however, it is prudent to cleanse the skin (and around the area) where the splinter is embedded. You do this to prevent the spread of any germs and the resulting infection. Simple soap and water would do. Once you’ve patted the skin dry, use a magnifying glass (if needed) to see the exact location of the foreign object, per the American Academy of Dermatology Association. This is also useful to note the direction in which the splinter entered your skin, which will invariably help when you’re attempting to remove it. 

Per Dr. Steve Silvestro, it’s interesting to note what happens to your body when you get a splinter. “The truth is that many splinters can be left in place. Over several days, new skin will push up, forcing the splinter out. The body may also start breaking the splinter down, essentially causing it to disintegrate over time,” he explained. Of course, this doesn’t mean the “ignore and not think about it” method works every time. 


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