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In a 2004 study published in BMC Public Health, researchers took a closer look at the potential relationship between blood pressure and consumption of water with added magnesium or natural mineral water. Hypertension is a contributing risk factor for heart disease. Over the course of four weeks, 70 participants with borderline high blood pressure drank either water with low mineral concentrations, water with added magnesium, or natural mineral water.

The study findings revealed that participants who began the study with low levels of calcium or magnesium output in their pee saw increases in these levels in association with drinking magnesium-enriched water or natural mineral water. More specifically, a significant drop in blood pressure was seen among those in the mineral-water group halfway through the study as well as at the end of the study period. While this research suggests potential benefits to be gained for those more prone to heart disease due to hypertension, results of an alternate study show that healthy adults may also enhance their heart health by drinking mineral water, too.


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